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IGN AU Pubcast Ep. 54: Rumbo in the Tokyo Jungle

In this Ron Jeremy-fuelled* edition of the Pubcast, we’ve got a bumper crew on board to discuss the latest games and gaming news… by which we mean not discuss them, and instead rant about, well, whatever. Why you people listen to us we have no idea. But thanks. Get on board via the download link at the bottom of the page!

Please note that due to a microphone fault, Baker sounds kind of quiet and weird during this episode. Even more so than usual. Rest assured that the technical issues will be solved for next episode!

Here’s what awaits you in Episode 54:

– Wii U! There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of new gaming hardware. We discuss the release date and price, and the system’s prospects, all the while giggling at wee jokes as though it was still 2006

– LittleBigPlanet Vita: it’s awesome, charming and fun… but there’s one significant feature missing, which bumps it from ‘all the stars out of stars’ to ‘slightly less than all the stars out of stars’ which is the Pubcast scoring system

– Borderlands 2: spoiler alert – it’s awesome! But you’d know that, because everyone’s playing it. You, me, that guy over there, IGN AU’s pet dolphin. How does a dolphin even hold a controller? Listen to (in no way) find out!

– Tokyo Game Show: did anything awesome happen this year? Not really. We don’t dwell on it

– The new PS3 Super Slim, and why a 12GB model for $300 is a joke. Seriously, what’s up with that, man?

– We answer more of your questions in the Pubface Bagcast, and Jem openly begs listeners to send in more booze!

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Tokyo Jungle Review

There came a time in Tokyo Jungle when, desperate to feed my fourth-generation Pomeranian, I skulked around a decrepit old train yard looking for an easy mark, something tiny and unable to fight back — like a chicken or a rabbit, perhaps. Instead, I stumbled upon an in-progress melee between a group of pandas and kangaroos. Thankfully, I snuck around them without being noticed, but because they were making such a ruckus in the area, scaring off the little animals around them in the process, I ended up dying of starvation soon thereafter.

Welcome to Tokyo Jungle, where such a situation isn’t all that unusual.

In Tokyo Jungle, you play as one of dozens of animals attempting to survive for as long as possible in a version of Tokyo abandoned by humans for over a decade. Players don’t initially know what happened to humanity, though it’s something slowly uncovered over time. All you know, at least in the beginning, is that the disappearance of every human in and around the city led to a complete liberation of domesticated and wild animals alike. Even exotic creatures kept in the local zoo are on the loose. The ecosystem – once entirely tamed and completely controlled by people – has been turned upside down.

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Tokyo Jungle Video Review

Bizarre and strange to the max, Tokyo Jungle proves to be a surprisingly enjoyable PSN romp.

Tokyo Jungle – A Defenseless Deer

For a true challenge, consider playing as a herbivore like the deer. You’ll need to find plants to eat in lieu of animals, and surviving proves a considerable challenge as a result.

Tokyo Jungle – Welcome to Tokyo Jungle

Humanity is no more, and now animals rule all of Tokyo. How did this happen?

Tokyo Jungle – A Surprisingly Hostile Cat

There are all sorts of cats in Tokyo Jungle, but your standard housecat is the first one you’ll stumble upon. And unlike many domesticated cats, these guys haven’t been declawed.

PS3’s Tokyo Jungle Gets Its Western Release Date

PlayStation has its fair share of bizarre games, and Tokyo Jungle is one of them. Recently released in Japan, Tokyo Jungle puts gamers in the role of various animals that have survived an unknown apocalyptic event. Humans are dead, and animals now rule Tokyo, Japan.

Yes, it’s strange, and yes, it seems like a game that Sony could have opted to keep in Japan. But thankfully, they’ve decided to release it in the west.

Tokyo Jungle is set to come to the PlayStation Network in North America on Tuesday, September 25th. The next day, Wednesday, September 26th, Tokyo Jungle will come out on the European PSN. It will cost $14.99.

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