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IGN AU Pubcast Ep. 54: Rumbo in the Tokyo Jungle

In this Ron Jeremy-fuelled* edition of the Pubcast, we’ve got a bumper crew on board to discuss the latest games and gaming news… by which we mean not discuss them, and instead rant about, well, whatever. Why you people listen to us we have no idea. But thanks. Get on board via the download link […]

Tokyo Jungle Review

There came a time in Tokyo Jungle when, desperate to feed my fourth-generation Pomeranian, I skulked around a decrepit old train yard looking for an easy mark, something tiny and unable to fight back — like a chicken or a rabbit, perhaps. Instead, I stumbled upon an in-progress melee between a group of pandas and […]

Tokyo Jungle Video Review

Bizarre and strange to the max, Tokyo Jungle proves to be a surprisingly enjoyable PSN romp.

Tokyo Jungle – A Defenseless Deer

For a true challenge, consider playing as a herbivore like the deer. You’ll need to find plants to eat in lieu of animals, and surviving proves a considerable challenge as a result.

Tokyo Jungle – Welcome to Tokyo Jungle

Humanity is no more, and now animals rule all of Tokyo. How did this happen?

Tokyo Jungle – A Surprisingly Hostile Cat

There are all sorts of cats in Tokyo Jungle, but your standard housecat is the first one you’ll stumble upon. And unlike many domesticated cats, these guys haven’t been declawed.

PS3’s Tokyo Jungle Gets Its Western Release Date

PlayStation has its fair share of bizarre games, and Tokyo Jungle is one of them. Recently released in Japan, Tokyo Jungle puts gamers in the role of various animals that have survived an unknown apocalyptic event. Humans are dead, and animals now rule Tokyo, Japan. Yes, it’s strange, and yes, it seems like a game […]

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