SNEeSe Updated

The popular emulator for SNES has been updated to version 0.853.

Unfortunately this isn’t really a new update as it was released in 2006 but it’s new to Andys Roms! Changes since 0.842 which was previously hosted here:


0.853 [TRAC]
PPU: Fixed handling of tiles clipped on both sides, thanks to Deathlike for the report
0.852 [TRAC]
PPU: Fixed scrolling in modes 5 and 6 when multiple horizontal pages were in use; thanks to powerspike and Deathlike for the report
PPU: Fixed a bug which could cause improper behavior when dual-window logic was in use; thanks to Deathlike for the report which led me to this
PPU: Fixed an issue which could cause writes to the $212B register to not take immediate effect
0.851 [TRAC]
Config: Fixed a bug where the 768×717 resolution setting was not restored properly from the config file
PPU: Fixed a bug which caused OBJ tile upper-page address offset to be incorrectly added only for lower-page tile references
PPU: Fixed a bug in screen addressing in offset-change mode that affected tiles with V-offset-change disabled
PPU: Fixed option to disable offset-change emulation
Screenshots: Fixed a bug where all screenshots saved were blank
Source: Removed some debugging code that was no longer needed and could cause issues when the period key was pressed
PPU: Fixed a bug which caused incorrect behavior when OBJ tile count exceeded their time limit

Thanks go out to Deathlike and grinvader for their testing and numerous bug reports which helped lead to fixes in both the 0.85 and 0.851 releases!
0.85 [TRAC]
5A22: Improved self-generated IRQ behavior, thanks to byuu for information
PPU: Added some missing precision limitations to mode 7, thanks to anomie and byuu for research
5A22: Fixed a bug where HDMA was being terminated one scanline too early
Source: fixed a few minor source issues that could lead to compiler warnings or errors
PPU: Translated much of the graphics rendering code to C
PPU: Fixed bugs in rendering of offset-change BGs when mosaic was enabled
PPU: Added window clipping to OBJ and to EXTBG mode 7
PPU: Implemented direct color mode for 8-bit pixels on BG1
PPU: Implemented color window emulation, including fixed color and sub screen arithmetic modes and most, if not all, of the various edge cases, thanks to Blargg for fast 15-bit blending algorithms
ROM loader: Fixed a bug where IPS auto-patching would only work on the first ROM loaded
PPU: Fixed mosaic support
ROM loader: Fixed a bug in ROM allocation resizing which could cause crashes
ROM loader: Fixed a bug where IPS auto-patching could cause incorrect memory mapping on LoROM
ROM loader: Fixed a bug where IPS auto-patching could potentially cause bad patches or crashes when extending the ROM size
5A22: Improved H-DMA behavior accuracy in a couple ways, thanks to byuu for information
Config: Added default ROM directory support (must be set manually in cfg file, read the config file section of the readme for info)
Config: Added full-screen/window configuration option (controllable via GUI and config file but not commandline, at this time), and a few new resolution options
GUI: Slight improvement to load ROM dialog